Glory to God for All Things; I Really Wasn’t Kidding – There’s Another Gospel Out There:

I will be bold, very bold indeed, and say that if this doctrine of Christ Descent into Hades is not known, then the most essential doctrines of our salvation are misunderstood and incorrectly taught. This is not to create an argument about whose Church is more correct, but to state a simple and plain fact of theology. If the primary story of our salvation is not a matter of agreement, then the conversation regarding the faith has barely begun. […] But I return to my earlier contention, which experience is simply bearing out: another gospel is replacing the gospel of Christ – the primary metaphors of our salvation are being forgotten and set aside for a later, less Scriptural account.

Jim has mentioned before that the Trinity is neglected in many churches.  Perhaps it is just a sign of bigger problems?

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  1. teach, disciple the doctrines

    the bigger problem being possibly that the doctrines are not being taught, thought or caught because more emphasis has been placed on social and emotional concerns without realizing how very deeply the answer to those concerns comes from understanding the doctrines.

    1. Re: teach, disciple the doctrines

      I remember reading a retrospective of how Walter Rauschenbach’s social gospel books have affected modern American Christianity. One way: it made early 20th century Christians more comfortable with Euthanasia and Eugenics.

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