Awesome Customer Service!

Last Friday, I ordered some rails for my server from Aberdeen Inc. Rails only cost about $30, but, like I told them, I had to have these in my hands by Wednesday. Since they don’t keep them in stock (my server wasn’t a recent purchase) they said they would drop ship them from the manufacturer. And, since I needed the rails as soon as possible, I paid $60 for overnight shipping. Today, I started looking for a tracking number and, not finding one, called them back. “Bad News, the manufacturer doesn’t have any in stock. But they might be getting them in today. We’ll know later today.” Grmbl! I hate things like this. I debated whether to cancel my order or not, but decided to sit tight. A couple of hours later, though, they called back. “Good news! We couldn’t get any from the manufacturer, but we managed to find some in our warehouse packaged with another server. We’re shipping them out today.” Kudos to Aberdeen for going the extra mile for a $20 pair of rails. As a friend said, “I’ve paid a lot more than that for service much worse.”

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