The outward observance of sacraments [dive into mark]:

The absence from Friends’ worship of the outward observance of the Lord’s Supper, water baptism, and other sacraments emphasizes the reality of inward experience. Friends are aware of the power of a true, inward baptism of the Holy Spirit; in meeting for worship at its best they know direct communion with God and fellowship with one another.

As the member of a very sacramental church (some would even say our liturgy is Byzantine 😉 I absolutely agree that there /must/ be an inward experience — that sacrament cannot be an outward-only experience.

That said, my experience, and the (admittedly disaffected) Anabaptists I’ve talked to agree, is that we need the physical manifestation of the sacraments. We’re not purely spiritual beings and the physical act leads us to the spiritual truth. Still, I would say even this physical/spiritual dichotomy (physical act vs spiritual truth) is a false one. The spiritual truth is “one” with the physical act.

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