We are so cruel

Third, I have met the enemy and it is tribalism. I recently heard an interview with E.O. Wilson in which he was asked to react to the critiques of religion that Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have famously been making. The problem isn’t religion, Wilson said, it’s tribalism. The two often coincide but they are not the same thing. Religion is not a pernicious force in the world. Tribalism is.

I have met the enemy and it is tribalism This is good third-party confirmation of something I was trying to say a year ago about religion and violence (sparked by the original thread on Flutterby (I am now reminded that this was a response to something I wrote. I enjoy the back and forth.) Even if you were able to somehow eliminate all religion, people would find ways to group themselves. Some of those people would foment violence against the other “tribes”.

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  1. we are neither …

    And is that not part of our following the way of Christ … to exhibit that in Him we all are equal, that we see beyond the superficial to the real person inside the skin, the customs, the tribal differences and say we are neither slave nor free, male nor female, neither Jew nor Gentile.

    No one said walking with Christ and living His way was easy, just a lot easier than perpetual fighting and fussing over little things that will not make a lot of difference in the viewpoint of eternity.

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