Random Links

’cause sometimes I see people coming across links months after I’ve seen them, I’ll risk posting links you’ve already seen.

  • Video: The machine is Us/ing Us
  • DIY Space. Supposedly they launched on Sunday, but I don’t see an update yet.
  • rms is giving up management of emacs after emacs22. I think this is the last project he was still active in on a daily basis. Still this is probably a good thing as it will allow the project to grow outside of his vision for it.
  • Globe4d is nice but at the North Museum they had a very, very similar globe. It lacked “direct manipulation” but that was about it. (North Museum really surprised me. It is a small museum, but they had volunteers interacting with kids individually. My children were really caught up in a story one of them told about the lunar eclipse. Too bad it was overcast during the eclipse.)
  • Roughly Drafted:

    Apple doesn’t have to take a majority share of the desktop market to win, it only needs to take the most valuable segments of the market.

    Once that happens, Microsoft will be forced to choose whether it wants to battle Mac OS X for control of the slick consumer desktop, or repurpose Windows as a cheaper, mass market alternative to Linux in corporate sales.

    (My own bold.)

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