The spammers have arrived!

I look at other people’s weblogs and see scintillating conversation run amok. This means one of two things: either no one is interested in what I’m saying (likely) or my words are so profound that they require no response. To salve my envy, the spammers have decided that my weblog (and a few other weblogs hosted on this site) are targets for spam. Luckily, Brad Fitzpatrik and the crew at LiveJournal had to deal with this long before I did, so they added some pretty nifty solutions. Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with that too much, anymore.

4 thoughts on “The spammers have arrived!”

  1. Re: They may have solved the spam problem

    Eh, the js is probably my fault (though, to be honest, I don’t know what you’re talking about since I haven’t seen the problem even when I try to reproduce it). I’m sure that on the actual LJ site, it does the right thing. I should switch to WP or something, but I Have No Time.

    As to the other, I have tried to provoke people, but perhaps I’m being too subtle. Or maybe I’m just not as provocative as I think I am 😉 Or, I’ve provoked the provocation out of them in real life and now they just ignore me.

  2. Re: They may have solved the spam problem

    This is amusing.

    Judging from the comments they’re leaving they are manually entered and they do see that their comments are being blocked. One had a subject like “Now what? Log in or go away?”

    1. Re: They may have solved the spam problem

      Giggle. Interesting. When I set up my new personal site using MediaWiki I got an immediate drive-by spammer, and I thought “oh crap, I’m going to have to lock things down”, but I deleted the links (and they’re all “rel=nofollow”ed by default) and haven’t seen a re-occurrence.

      Some bot’s hammering urls and spam HTML into any field it can find (including the search field and the user login fields) over at the main Flutterby site, but the patterns there are silly enough and non-functional enough that I can’t believe it’s a human.


  3. Re: They may have solved the spam problem

    It may be an Opera thing too. It happens on the main LJ site as well. Hit “tab” from the username field and I jump straight down to something well below password.

    Ok, I did see something similar after I tested again.

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