Super Bowl

For the first time in, oh, forever, I watched the complete superbowl. To tell the truth, knows more about football than me. This year was different because my father is in town and he planned on watching the game. Alexis pointedly said we should keep him company. So, my father, , the kids and I all crowded around our suitably small TV to watch the game. If I had to watch one Super Bowl game all the way through in my whole life, this year’s game would be an entertaining one to choose. The ads (the only part of the Super Bowl I bothered to watch before) were mildly entertaining, but not as good as the drama on the field. I tend to be as apathetic as my friend Jeff about sports, but, Jeff, you really missed some drama. Since I’m not an afficinado of American football, I can’t tell you much about the game except that from the start when the Bears made a touchdown off of the kickoff to the last quarter when the Colts intercepted a pass and ran it 56 yards for a a touchdown to secure their win, I was entertained the whole time. Hrm… Maybe there is something to watching sports, after all.

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  1. too bad I missed the party

    Sorry I missed your party. Sounded like fun.

    We had about 150 teens across the street in the church’s gym watching the “big game” … the old ones who showed up for ‘church’ spent the time watching a specially filmed video which was shown at half time (The 2006 MVP for the NFL?? talking about God’s impact on their life) … and we prayed for the teens watching to get a clue that there is a lot more to life than just sports, and even the players who win the MVP know that.

    The game did sound like fun to watch in a group.

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