Mac Vs. PC

My mother called me up the other day: “Hey! Have you seen these new Mac vs. PC commercials?” she asked. “You should show your kids!” They are funny, but, they’ve gone on for too long. The PC guys are even (finally) coming up with some nice come-backs. Besides, I’ve been a Free Software user and contributor, advocate of programming freedom for too long to get sucked into the platform wars that Microsoft, Apple, and others foment. You like Windows? Great! OS X? Wonderful! So what Beryl only now beginning to do things that OS X has done for decades? I’m a geek and I value my freedom more than the latest GeeWhizGottaHaveIt feature that Steve Jobs has decided is cool. I’m also patient. I have to be. The Gnome desktop doesn’t do everything a PC or Mac does right now, but in a couple of years (at the most) that oh-so-unique feature on your proprietary platform of choice will be commodified to the point of ubiquity. Ubuntu has already begun to make a credible effort at this, attempting to steal market share from the established leader. Yeah, your BMW is nice, but my used minivan gets me where I need to go, and I didn’t have to spend a mint on it.

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  1. Re: Those ads

    Then again, the younger generation…

    The “younger generation”!?!?!

    We’re not THAT old, are we?

    Oh, I guess we both have kids 😉

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