One Time up the Tree is All it Takes

Today, bought a rope swing for our maple tree in the back yard. This brings the total number of tree “accessories” to three: one swing for Lily, one rope ladder, and one swing for the older kids. In the process of putting up the additional swing, I decided to move the rope ladder. Instead of hanging it so that it hung beneath a limb, I hung it against the trunk of the tree, beside a slightly lower limb. To test it out, I climbed up. Yep, it was a lot easier to get into the tree. Until now, our kids hadn’t really mastered that ladder. They would climb the ladder and sit in it and swing beneath the limb. After I had moved the ladder and tested it, I told Violet, our six-year-old, to give it a try. She did, but she was pretty hesitant. She was constantly checking for where I was. Then her brother, Basil, went up. He did it fairly easily — so easily in fact, that he scared his mother. I was scolded for not standing ready to catch him even though he didn’t really need it. Next Ginger did it. She was pretty swift, too. They took turns playing in with the swing and the ladder while and I talked. After a few minutes, Violet, sitting comfortably in the tree, called down “One time up the tree is all it takes to cure you of all scarediness!” I’ve decided this is my new mantra for home repair. The first small plumbing job is a little scary, but soon you’re replacing toilets and, before, you quite realize what’s happening, you’ve replaced the old corroded galvanized pipes in your house with PEX. The first time you paint a room, you’ll make spots all over the place, but soon you’ll be ripping out non-supporting walls and remodeling the kitchen. Why? Because once you’ve done a little bit, you’re cured “of all scardiness”. In a way, this is kind of like, well, most anything. Configuring networks, programming, home repair, they each seem scary till you dive in and do it. A little experience goes a long way.

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