On keys and housework

This weekend, I attended my first LUG meeting. It was mostly a social activity, but I was driven to attend so that I could get my keys signed. It was a fun break from the main business of the weekend. Friday, I rented a drywall lift for the weekend. Since the plaster ceiling in our kitchen is falling apart (water damage, natch) and I’m working on the kitchen, this is the perfect time to get it fixed. So, much of Saturday and Sunday afternoon I spent cranking the lift, nailing and drilling. I told my father I was using my new nail gun and he kind of laughed: “Yeah, you probably need a nail gun.” I’m not so hot with a hammer and nails, especially when I’m below what I’m trying to hammer and standing on a ladder. Since nail guns shoot bits of metal at high velocity and come with three times as many warnings about their dangers as they do instructions for use, made sure all the kids were well out of range when I was working with that. And even though I didn’t seem to get much done (I’ve got another weekend of work with drywall coming up), I collapsed into bed Sunday night moaning from exhaustion. Ah well, its good for me.

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