She’s growing up!

My oldest daughter, Ginger, is growing up. We sent our nine-year-old away to camp this week. Let me tell you, camp is a lot different now than I remember it. At this camp, we can send Ginger email (for a fee, natch) and see photo albums every day of what they’re doing. I was impresseed that they seem to be teaching these 8-12 year-olds what I would consider advanced theological concepts. Maybe I shouldn’t be so scared of scary sounding concepts. Of note: you can tell the place is filled with Greeks.

One thought on “She’s growing up!”

  1. giner’s pix

    they must have been posting the pix this a.m. My first look through I only found a few, 30 minutes later, lots of pix.
    including one of Ginger in a pretty dress sitting at the end of the pew.
    My she has grown up.

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