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Reading up on Jim’s weblog, I came across a quiz: “Which theologian are you?” It seems heavily weighted towards those theologians that would be interesting to those in Reformed circles (Karl Barth is like a Reformed demigod; Charles Finney started out Presbyterian; Calvin was a huge reformer; Augustine is their most ancient saint; etc.) but I suppose that since Jim is the one that pointed to the quiz, I shouldn’t be too surprised. According to the quiz, I’m most similar to the anti-hero Charles Finney. I can say that I’ve heard Orthodox theology mistaken for the Pelagian Heresy — something Finney gets accused of here — but I suspect that is because people don’t understand the original heresy nor Orthodox theology. You scored as Charles Finney. You’re passionate about God and love to preach the Gospel. Your theology borders on pelagianism and it is said that if God were taken out of your theology, it would look exactly the same.

Charles Finney


John Calvin


Friedrich Schleiermacher


Karl Barth




J½rgen Moltmann


Martin Luther




Paul Tillich


Jonathan Edwards

4 thoughts on “Funny Finney”

  1. exam

    Hey Mark,

    Think you’re absolutely right the quiz was certainly weighted toward a reformed perspective. Also I didn’t like the wording of some of the questions and especially thought some theologically important points were woefully missing (like the Trinity, which for me is one of the foundational starting points.) Not alot of nuance there with that quiz.


  2. good summation

    Very observant and very applicable. Violet got the idea, now she can actualize it to other experiences in life. I think that is something that I have tried to say in a lot of columns and conversations in a lot of ways through the years, but Violet summed it up. Try it, you might like it and it will conquer the fear of the unfamiliar.

    She is one smart little cookie.
    Thanks for updating. Wish I could see all of them on the ‘ropes.’ Picture?

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