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It’s been just over a month since I last posted anything, and more than one person has asked me when I’m going to post something new. Ok, it was only two people, but still… Part of the reason I haven’t been posting anything is because I’ve been incredibly busy. This month, I joined a start-up in New York City and have begun working from home. is an event search engine that is different from the competition in that it doesn’t require users to submit events — it finds them. We hope this will give us an edge: we’ll be able to tell you what is happening tonight in El Dorado, Arkansas (the small town of 20,000 where my parents live) as well as all the quilt auctions in Lancaster County, PA (the rural county where I live) and all the night clubs in San Francisco. An ambitious goal, sure. But doable. At BusyTonight, I’ve got the benefit of working with some great people that I knew on the Clark ‘04 campaign as well as a handful of other very gifted technical people. If smart people is all it takes to succeed, then this venture is a shoe-in. I’ve been thinking about the usual stuff — Christianity, Perl, Systems — and I probably have a few things worth posting about. For example, someone asked me for a LDAP-based DNS how-to. I’d like to do it (providing reasons for why you SHOULD NOT let this be your public DNS) as soon as I can get around to it. That may be a while, though. I’ve been adjusting my sleep habits so that I go to bed sooner and wake up earlier. This gives me time to go on a 20 mile bike ride before the kids go off to school, it wakes me up, and helps me to burn off some of the stress I’ve accumulated (not to mention a few pounds, hopefully). In addition, I noticed what felt like a 1000% increase in my personal productivity. At least, around the house. Maybe I just need to get out more instead of staring at this darn screen all day.

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  1. blog

    “Maybe I just need to get out more instead of staring at this darn screen all day.”

    But then when you write us some blog posts? See you soon.


  2. welcome back

    thinking of the usual stuff … Several years ago a columnist noted that essentially he had written about 3 columns through out his syndicated career. … just each time it was a different slant. His topics were different, but I think there is a lot of truth in that.

    Yeah, I noticed a lot more energy and focus and all those advertised improvements when I was exercising regularly. Then the spring crunch hit and I barely scraped by with enough sleep for a couple weeks. Thanks for the reminder that it is time to get back into the cardios.

    Job sounds interesting. If you want a check list on how you are doing covering El Dorado entertainment, we actually have an entertainment reporter who lists everything he can find. Which is better the computer of the person? 🙂

  3. I guess it depends on what you think “smart” is. I worked at
    BusyTonight (before it got it’s name) and the people there didn’t
    seem that smart to me. But I have an unusual perspective having
    worked at Bell Labs for many years, where no one took offense if
    you told them you thought their idea was “the stupidest thing you
    ever heard”. I was criticized at BusyTonghgt for saying negative
    things in a much more polite manner then that. My experience is
    that very smart people can deal with criticism and don’t take it

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