Yesterday was great. I sat down with Ginger, Basil, and Violet and we put together a Lego Rover ‘bot. Not much. Just something to move forward, backward, turn, and respond when bumping into stuff. Not only were the kids hooked (especially Basil), but I am, too. I’m thinking up lesson plans and developing programs to help me with them. I’ve asked to go over angles with the kids so that they can program the rover to roll out simple shapes. On my end, I’m looking at making adjustments to the the XSLisp interface and thinking of writing either a GTK or Emacs (of course!) front end to it. That, and a simple library of functions will make this effort a lot simpler. I’ll be posting a short HOWTO for getting XSLisp running on the latest BrickOS shortly.

One thought on “Hooked”

  1. sounds like fun

    Sounds like fun. I would not call it cheating to use work already figured out. Why re-invent the wheel when you can use one in existence and add on to that.
    Once or twice in Indiana, we divided up all the Lego blocks between us and had to build something from our stash. we could trade for what we wanted, since there was an uneven match of parts. Legos plus computers … a great combination.

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