An Unwanted Vacation

Thursday morning, around 4AM, I showed up at the hospital with a bloody face, looking generally disheveled. They ended up admitting me to the already full hospital, which meant I had to lay around ER until almost 2PM. It was a particularly icy morning, so I got to see a some of people come in with broken hips and some bad cases of whiplash. It all started Wednesday afternoon. I felt a growing pain in my back, and it only seemed to get worse as the day went on. I put it down to some exercises I had done, evidently incorrectly. I didn’t eat much that day, not because I wasn’t hungry, but because I was overwhelmed by the number of calories in Dunkin’ Donuts’ Glazed Cake Donut (350!). I went to bed feeling vaguely uneasy, but put it down to the (slight) hunger and back pain.I woke up around 3:30AM and went to the bathroom. A little nausea set in as I started to make my way back to my bedroom and … BOOM! … the next thing I remember is laying in the doorway of my five-year-old’s bedroom yelling about some pain while my daughter screamed “Daddy! Are you okay?!?” I can’t figure out how I got there except that I must have fallen on the banister when I fainted and fallen away from my doorway and the stairway down. Did you know your blood pressure drops dramatically with the onset of nausea? I didn’t till yesterday. There wasn’t much danger of me vomiting, but lack of food and perhaps a little dehydration caused me to faint when the nausea set in. Anyway, that’s where I’ve been and why I haven’t replied to any of the great comments half of the people reading this weblog left on that post I made a few hours before The Fall. tells me I need to stop obsessing about food. The kids are starting to count calories!

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  1. let common sense reign

    scared me too when I heard about it. Nope didn’t know about BP drop and nausea, I know I get dizzy and need to lay down.
    It’s amazing how many empty calories are in really tasty food. I pointed out the number in Jello to your dad once. He was astounded. Sounds like I read calories and count them all the time. … Not really, but I do have a pretty good idea whan the food is full of calories without much nutrition or heavy on the grease. Why else do you think we didn’t drink lots of pop or get a lot of fries and burgers? Cause we had to off set the calories in the homemade cookies, pies and cakes!

    Interesting comment from a woman at work as we looked at a 1950 newspaper … “They are all so thin!” … Because they ate at home.” Interesting point. I mean how often are carrots and celery sticks considered fast food pick-ups?

    Too bad the virus did not announce itself so that you could drink some Gatorade or something to increase your electorlytes.

    And now … we are waiting for Violet’s version of the story.
    hope you are feeling better.

  2. yeah that may be a good way to write an entry, but you had me scared to death what happened much longer than you should have~! glad you’re OK. I’ve never fainted before, but have had plenty of nausea and sometimesa a feeling of dizziness if I stand up too fast… esp if combind with an empty stomach

    I hope that you EAT during Lent.

    ps–what was the pain in your back?

    1. You’re right. Sometimes I just get carried away. I didn’t think too carefully about guys like you who didn’t know I had been in the hospital.

      Pain in the back: I think I did some exercises wrong. Of course, the fall and sickness didn’t help.

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