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If esr is the right-wing nutjob, then Miguel de Icaza is his left-of-center counterpart. Actually, from appearences, Miguel seems to be the stronger developer. Fetchmail? meh… But Mono? Wow! Anyway, the point is that the both say politically provocative things. Most often, I look at what they write, shake my head and think “Why do they do this to themselves?” But they do occasionally say something that makes me sit up and take notice. For example, de Icaza comments on a conservative columnist Paul Craig Roberts in which Roberts writes:

Consider the no-fly list. This list has no purpose whatsoever but to harass and disrupt the livelihoods of Bush’s critics. If a known terrorist were to show up at check-in, he would be arrested and taken into custody, not told that he could not fly. What sense does it make to tell someone who is not subject to arrest and who has cleared screening that he or she cannot fly? How is this person any more dangerous than any other passenger?

de Icaza ends that post claiming that the U.S. will be a third world economy within five years. That’s the part that makes him such an endearing wacko. Of course, I thought Max Mayfield’s warnings about Katrina were a little extreme at the time, too.

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  1. third world economy

    Others are convinced as well….I have a parishioner in my congregation who is a bit of an economist (at least by hobby) and is convinced that America’s economic prowress and dominance is just about over.

    One piece of evidence he sites is that since the 70’s every oil transaction on a global basis was done by way of the US dollar. If you bought or sold oil you did so using the dollar. But now some countries are starting to trade in Euros; this weakens the US dollar and means that it is no longer the standard whereby we are able to maintain economic dominance.

    Anyway, he suggests it won’t be long before we are off of the “oil standard” and back to the “gold standard”…so start buying gold.

    1. Re: third world economy

      Oh, I don’t doubt that the economic dominance of the US is kaput. We can kiss that lovely little fantasy goodbye.

      I’m just not so sure about the “third world” bit.

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