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I got some really good comments on my post about teaching programming to my kids. In fact, Nathan commented on his own site which sparked responses here and there. These comments (besides cementing my relationship with Nate as “Nate’s Friend” — I guess people don’t want to call me “hexmode”) and the comments on Don Box’s original post show that people think this is an interesting question. I’ve been looking at DrScheme and, now, Squeak and, while the interactive aspect of Squeak and some of the efforts that have been made to teach children SmallTalk with Squeak Etoys make it a strong contender, I’m still leaning towards DrScheme. It has a visual environment and some texts, but after reading How do you compile? the pedagogical usefulness of Scheme as both a “Language A” and a “Language B” makes tons of sense. That, and after you’ve learned enough, you can program Lego Mindstorms. Perhaps I could develop some lessons that allow my kids to leverage what they’ve learned of programming so that, as time goes on, they take more and more control of the Mindstorms.

3 thoughts on “More on Teaching Programming”

  1. The problem with “hexmode” is that it’s so… hexidecimal. Maybe warm it up… Hexy?

    Or not.

    Ephrem… who never got his brain around base 8 or base 2, but used to do well with base dooey when it was needed.

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