First day of the Year of the Dog

Yesterday was the first day of the year of the dog, according to the Chinese Zodiac. And if it was any indication, this year will be one for the dogs. It started off innocuously enough… till I discovered that a partition on my server had filled up. A comedy of errors ensued. I got the partition problem cleared up, only to accidently put the server into single-user mode. After desperately calling a friend in New York City (where the server is colocated) for help, I got the machine back online. In my frustration, I opened a door far too quickly and knocked Lily, my year-old daughter, off her feet. And, to top it off, the server downtime coincided with my son’s Pinewood Derby, so I missed that. Finally, after taking a break from all this computer stuff, I discovered that a popular site I host was offline due to database corruption problems. And he puts out his podcast on Saturdays! I can only hope that this inauspicious beginning is nothing.

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