Say you’re a college student with a weblog and you post your foolish thoughts under your real name. Or you’re active in some newgroups or mailing lists. Time passes, you graduate and decide to look for a job. Of course, the prospective employer will want to do a search on your name, but what will they find? Oops! Too bad you didn’t think of that before! Enter ClaimID will give you a place that you can point people to, to say “Here’s the ‘me’ I’m proud of!” The brainchild of Fred Stutzman (a brilliant Ph.D candidate at UNC and former staffer at his idea has plenty of other use cases, but that’s the one that made sense to me. (I should note that when I asked Fred for his suggestion on what language to teach my kids he suggested that I look at the Logo version of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. I promptly ignored his advice, but now that I’m thinking about how to teach my kids using DrScheme and Lego Mindstorms, I’ll be reading everything I can get my hands on.)