Busy weekend

Wow! This has been quite a weekend. It started Saturday morning with a Tiger Scout hike. Not too long, but afterwards dvfmama had some fun activities planned for everyone. Then we came home and did some hoeing in our small patch of garden. Today we went to church and got to eat some great Greek food — this weekend is the annual bazaar. Then we did some shopping at Home Depot, came home and hoed some more. We finished up planting our tulips, rye grass, and, new this year, some rose of sharon bushes. Alexis will transplant those in the spring. Workwise, I’ve fallen behind on some obligations and I still have to plan something for the Tiger scout meeting tomorrow. Oh, and the person working on the church website has had to leave so I’ll be taking that over (along with another busy family man). The work in the garden was great for body, soul, and mind, but now I feel behind. Eh, I’ll live. Yet, instead of doing anything else that was pressing, I took part of the evening and read the first bit of Mountain of Silence. It’s raining now. We did our planting just in time.

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