SixApart acquiring LiveJournal

This can only be considered weird:

I have learnt exclusively that Six Apart, the parent company behind hosted blogging service TypePad, and Moveable Type is about to acquire Live Journal, for an undisclosed amount. — Om Malik

I’ve not spent a lot of time looking at MovableType’s code, but, from the reputation it has, I can only say that they will benefit greatly from the talent they are getting. The people behind LJ have a very robust server system. They’re behind the development of memcached (an in-memory object data cache) and mogileFS (a distributed filesystem kind-of like Google’s GFS). LiveJournal serves up 4,000,000+ user’s weblogs every day from their server farm. They have about 20,000 new posts per hour. They beat Google-owned Blogger in the reliablity department. MT (the personal version of Six Apart’s TypePad service), in the meantime, has a reputation for bringing servers to their metaphorical knees when it rebuilds pages. Six Apart, however, has done a better job of pushing their vision of weblogging into the mainstream. They seem to have more visibility. The really interesting thing (to me) is the code. What will become of the LJ code? I’m using it now, so this is a concern. LJ is GPLed, so I’m not worried that its going to disappear. But, are the people at going to continue to work on it, or will SixApart take the talent there and focus it on beefing up their TypePad service?