Starting Over

For many people, the worst part of Katrina was hearing that people were left without food and water. But the nightmare is just now beginning for many people:

Despite dire warnings about the devastation throughout the parish, Probst and her husband, Tony, held out hope and had even rented a small moving van to haul away their possessions. But that all changed with one glimpse through the home’s windows. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” she screamed as she fell to her knees and her words dissolved into a piercing wail.

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  1. More Reports

    Here is a report of a friend who toured through the city yesterday, these are excerpted comments from an e-mail she sent…

    We passed by our church, Canal Street Presbyterian Church, and saw what it looked like. The church is 4 feet off the ground and had I think about 2 feet of water inside and a lot of the roof damage. Again all the plant life was dead and brown.

    We continued on and we drove and drove and block after block after block, nothing growing and not a person walking anywhere. There were huge trucks hauling debris. A lot of the debris was pushed to the side so vehicles could drive on the streets. It is hard to describe the houses except you could see inside homes because the waters broke open doors, walls, and windows. There were boats on side walks, huge trees uprooted and had fallen on homes, and cars that were left behind had a weird looking film all over them. Home after home after home had nothing left to them.


    1. Re: More Reports

      I remember that church and that part of the city. It is odd to consider such a vital city looking like a ghost town of devastation.

      Wasn’t there a basement area to that church? or at least a bit lower levels? what did they decide to do?

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