Our House, Still Standing

After wondering for a while, it looks like our old house is still standing. (The red metal roof was our addition to the house.) The flooding extends one block beyond 8222 Cohn Street to just past Hickory Street. For reference, the street never flooded when we lived there. Rose, however, will be getting a new roof. A tree has fallen on her house. From a survey done by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (source of the picture.)

4 thoughts on “Our House, Still Standing”

  1. wow! what was your response?! I would be “excited” of sorts. did you sell the house when you left?

    as far as the open-id option, i havent a clue what to enter there: it says something like “identifying url”? what is that?

    1. Of course, I’m pleased. We paid good money for that roof! Part of the decision makeing process was determining how much wind the the roof could withstand.

      And we know the woman who lives there now. She bought the house so that she and her husband could live in a one-story house instead of the two story home. They needed a more “accessible” house since he was on dialysis and couldn’t get around as easily any more.

      openid: you would put the URL of your LiveJournal there. You would the be forwarded to a page on the LJ server to confirm that you want to allow openweblog.com to verify your identity. That’s it.

      1. i tried the openlog approach but got this error (from lJ, I guess):

        Currently you need to be logged in to grant another site permission to know your identity, but this page will eventually let you log in during the same step.

        but i *am* logged into LJ: whatever

        anyway, I was asking if the house in question is the red-roofed one in the bottom right of the photo? yellow car outside it?

        metal roof good for withstanding winds: not good for hacking through in case of dire necessity:

        hey: how and what do you think you would have fared if you had had to withstand the hurricane in that house?

        1. Yes, the dark red roof next to the yellowish blob is the house.

          We had put in two sky lights… Maybe we could’ve hacked through those.

          I think we would’ve done alright. The roof is still on it and, as long as the pumps are working, that area is dry. Obviously with the failed pumps, we’d have to deal with some water.

          But, surviving five days without a supply of water? Probably not. I’ve heard some parts of the city have gas, though, so maybe we could boil water. If I knew I was gonna get hit, I’d buy a lot of water before hand.

          Still, Hurricane evacuations are like fire drills. You do them every time, no matter how fed up you are or how much you think people are crying wolf.

          At least, you get out if you can. We really need to figure out what to do for people who can’t get out.

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