More Heros

My thanks to dcm for reminding me that there are a lot of heros in this story. I may be frustrated and angry with the people who want to rip New Orleans out and ship its citizens to North Dakota, but I shouldn’t let that overshadow the good things that people are doing. Houston is a kind of competitor to New Orleans. They took almost all the oil companies away from New Orleans and, with them, many well-paying jobs. Perhaps we have some strong affinity with the city. Its the sister-city you love to hate. Houston deserves major cred for hosting so many of New Orleans refugees. In fact, many of the surrounding cities and states deserve a lot of credit. Communities have pitched in and offered places to stay, food to eat, and education for the children and college students. Major kudos to all of them. Finally, Lt. Gen. Honore deserves plenty of props. He has jumped in and made things happen, even if he couldn’t get there the next day. Thanks to all these heros!

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