Government in Katrina

Our government’s ineptitude in the aftermath of Katrina demonstrates how little we’re getting for all our security spending.Bruce Schneier More Katrina news: Funeral parlors and Katrina Broussard is probably right: “I predict that every house that was on the market before the storm will be sold, and that every vacant apartment will be filled.” (Because Jeff parish will be a staging ground for the rebuilding of Orleans.)

2 thoughts on “Government in Katrina”

  1. private or government?

    Did anyone notice that it was the private sector Wal-Mart and Home Depot that got the goods in while FEMA stood at the gates of NOLA looking askance and forbidding their entrance?

    Read recently that OSHA is now going to NOLA to make sure the clean up is done safely (as in … wet mud can be very slippery.)

    One more layer of beauracracy.

  2. Algiers Land Value

    Similiar thoughts were expressed by Nagin about Algiers. He suggested that with anyone who has “a few pennies might want to buy a lot of dirt” across the river.

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