Emergency Preparedness

Could anything have been done to prevent what is happening in New Orleans? Yes. We could have spent more money on the levee system. The levee system actually falls under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security now-a-days. Even if the federal government didn’t have the money (because so much was committed to the war in Iraq), New Orleans citizens should have voted for higher property taxes to pay for improvements. Property taxes are extremely low there — a political bugaboo — but it is the responsibility of the city and state officials to “sell” the costs of those levee improvements. What about the aftermath? You can’t get everyone out of a city the size of New Orleans in less than 24 hours. They don’t all have cars. Even if they did, everyone wants to drive their own car and that, of course, creates bumper-to-bumper traffic. So, you’re stuck with people in the city. Make sure that you have law-enforcment personnel enforcing the laws. They can’t be tied up rescuing people, or it will create a snowball effect of lawlessness. Desperate people going crazy. I think we’ve all learned that lesson pretty well. But, now, you’re stuck with a a million or so people scattered throughout the South. What do you do with them all? What about schools? What about colleges? What about work? So far, public schools are coming through, and I’ve heard of colleges offering free tuition to affected students. That leaves work. This is just so painful to watch. While I’m glad that my wife and children aren’t going to be out of a house and home, I still pine for the New Orleans I remember — a New Orleans I will never see again. (my wife) posts her own thoughts.

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