Blame the Victim

It’s time to blame the victim. I got an anonymous comment on this entry where I called Mayor Nagin “my new hero”. What I love about the comment is that it clearly shows that the reaction against people who stayed isn’t a class issue, its a race issue. Do you know what us poor white trash do when we hear that a tornado might be coming? WE LEAVE. That, and people just don’t understand the magnitude of the area hit and the population there: okay, some of those left of the 2sigma stay in the path of the tornado, but I can guarantee that number isn’t 100,000+ people. Maybe not, Mr. Anonymous, but then, I New Orleans is much bigger than Oklahoma City. In fact, New Orleans itself is far more densely poplulated than Oklahoma City: 2,751 people/sq mi vs 731 people/sq mi — and that doesn’t include the cities and towns surrounding New Orleans. Since New Orleans is so much more dense, the population of the city isn’t going to be able to make a mass exodus as quickly as the “poor white trash” of Oklahoma City — even with equivilent resources.

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