And now, a break from your regularly scheduled slow-motion disaster

We went to the Mt Gretna Rail Trail today. Ginger and Basil brought their bikes. The rest of us walked. At some point, Ginger was off her bike and I asked Violet if she wanted to try to ride. She hopped on. Ever the mother, Alexis reminded me to make sure she wouldn’t fall. I held on to the bike and Violet for a little bit, then just the bike. Then, I just put my hand beside her shoulder. Finally, I let go completely. Bam! Down she fell. “Want to try again?” And she was back on. This time she stayed on. A couple of other mothers who happened to be riding past at that moment cheered. Violet was ecstatic. “Can we take the training wheels off my bike now?”

One thought on “And now, a break from your regularly scheduled slow-motion disaster”

  1. that’s awesome…

    hey, i just found out my brother was at the Red Cross Operations Centre making some maps of the areas hit by Katrina; the prez and Mrs Bush came in and my bro got to shake the prez’s hand and apparently the first lady asked my bro about some of the maps he was making.

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