Ain’t dere no more

New Orleanians know how to do two things really well: Eat and Entertain. A few years ago, Benny Grunch made a CD filled with New Orleans-themed Christmas music. One of the tracks is especially apropos: In “Ain’t Dere No More”, Benny laments the loss of treasured New Orleans landmarks. Today, by accident, I stumbled upon some videos that WWL-TV made of these songs. They have a wonderful, home-video-with-decent-editing feel to them. And its authentic New Orleans: everyone is fat. Check them out.

One thought on “Ain’t dere no more”

  1. hey i would like you to read this, which is the account of going through hurrcane gilbert-and also the social disparity between the tourists and the locals

    check out the two links at the bottom for more on that: forty years ago cancin was just a deserted island

    mexico made the northern yucatan a state of quinatan roo, and deliberately went about to create a tourist spot “like Miami”; although at first people were brought in to farm, the soil was so thin, they had to be subsistence farmers only and even today almost all food for the 300,000+ residents of greater Cancun and of the tourists is brought in from other parts of Mexico.

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