Thoughts from the Safety of Pennsylvannia

Update: I should make a note here that I’m feeling homesick, but that doesn’t mean I’m flippant about the damage that has been done. There are people who are desperate to learn anything they can about, for example, Slidell, about which we’ve gotten no information. I used to work with people who lived in Slidell and I know that they’re probably worried to death about their homes. While dvfmama and I were dating ten years ago, the a storm that has come to be known only as the “May Flood” hit the Lakefront area of New Orleans and dumped over 13 inches of water within a couple of hours. We were young, in college, and had an amazing night as we struggled across the UNO campus in the rain. Experiences like that bond you together. Katrina is, of course, much stronger than any hurricane I’ve lived through. And it’s hit New Orleans harder than any recent storm. But the Internet makes local coverage available to us who are so far away. Instead of listening to the screechers on the Weather Channel — people with no ties to the area giving a rough overview of the destruction — we can find this driving review of the state of our old neighborhood and find out how cherished landmarks like Ted’s Frostop have been affected. And then, having been through a few storms, I can relate to the laissez le bon ton roulez attitude of this guy eating Fritos on the overpass after being flooded out of his home. Yes, death and destruction… but whatcha gonna do? Life must go on. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast get their fair share of these purgings by water. Every other year, or so it seemed while we were there, there was some flood or other. You do the best you can. As long as your house hasn’t been completely submerged, you continue to work and live. So, while I sit in safety, I miss the old city. She’ll continue on as she has for hundreds of years. She dodged the bullet this time. And she’ll do it again. Pick up the pieces and rebuild.

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