Hurricane Katrina

DEVASTATING DAMAGE EXPECTED While I do miss New Orleans, I’m not especially fond of hurricanes. (Except that they do provide time off from work…) Still, the warnings being blared this time aorund don’t sound that different than those for, say, Andrew. I did live through a couple of hurricanes — leaving the city, returning to downed trees and the aftermath of some flooding (but not at my house!) — and I can’t recall a time when the predictions came true. One shouldn’t be foolish enough to stick around, though, because you can’t tell when the predictions will come true. Those who stuck around for Camille in a building that was a civil defense bomb shelter were surprised when the building was completely demolished. We haven’t heard from my in-laws or friends and can’t call them since all the lines are tied up. Update: From the TP: Katrina is comparable to Hurricane Camille in intensity, which devastated the New Orleans area in 1969; the difference is that Katrina is larger.

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  1. wow! I am hoping the damage is minimal… i know Gail and I survived the even bigger hurricane gilbert in Cancun, but i guess N.O. has it bad because of its low level (is it below sea level?)

    i am now reading on Katrina and it is approaching Gilbert in intensity and wind strength…gosh i hope this is not a major disaster

    anyway, it is supposed to hit N.O, with hurricane force winds at day break monday…

    if i were there i would clear out: a hurricane is the only natural disaster that one can prepare for

    1. nola is going under. The house I used to own is a slightly above sea level, but that is actually on a ridge.

      I’ve heard from a few family and friends by now: “When we got up this morning and Katrina was a category 5 headed straight for New Orleans, we decided not to stay after all. Duh. It took 11 hours, but we got to Birmingham and are staying with some college friends…”

  2. Glad that you’ve heard from some family. Waiting and worrying can be really difficult. I’ve been reading, and it makes me glad to be in the middle of nice, dry Kansas!


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