How to get Local News on New Orleans

Since spellbound mentioned he doesn’t have cable TV and, as a result, hasn’t gotten any news on Katrina’s aftermath, I’ll point you guys to the sources of news I’ve been using. I don’t have a TV at all — it stopped working Sunday night — so I have been relying on the local coverage.

I don’t bother with the national or cable networks. I want to know what the people who live there are thinking.

2 thoughts on “How to get Local News on New Orleans”

  1. thanks for those links; i have followed some earlier ones that you posted to the Times-Picayune and also read some other items there

    i did watch some videos on the internet (msnbc) and at work my buddy watches them on CNN

    i will try some of those newer links from you…

    i did acknowledge that with 80% of the city flooded and people urging that everyone leave, that this is an unmitigated disaster

    how long did you live in New Orleans? you know, before d-day, I thought about visiting New Orleans and you guys to see the aquarium and whatever else might be suitable for kids

    1. I moved to NOLA for school in ’91. In ’95, I got a job in Austin and met you. In ’96, We moved back to NOLA.

      In 2003, we sold our house. So, that makes 11 or 12 years in NOLA.

      (btw, the openid thing is working with lj ids now if you want to use that one instead… but you’re certainly welcome to stick with the spellbound id.)

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