History Erased

The TP reports:

The Robert E. Lee shopping center was under 7 feet of water. Plantation Coffeehouse on Canal Boulevard was the same. Hines Elementary School had 8 feet of water inside. Indeed, the entire business district along Harrison Avenue had water to the rooflines in many places.

Back in 1994, I led a Bible study for IVCF. dvfmama wanted to learn about the bible and decided to join ours. Over that semester, we got to know each other and, in the next semester, began dating. We married a ten years ago in August, 1995. Most of the Bible studies were held in the Plantation Coffeehouse.

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  1. Unbelievable

    I remmeber reading that earlier today and still find it simply unbelievable. According to my rememberance, Plantation Coffee House lies at the top of a hill (which is a very rare thing indeed in NO.) I too attended a Men’s Bible Study of Canal Street Presbyterian that met there (and I believe they still do) every Friday morning (I however did not meet my marriage partner there!!!)

    I also know many folks from that church who live in that neighborhood and its surrounding vicinities who most likely have devastating flood damage in their homes. Thankfully, though, by last account everyone I know pretty well was able to get out of the city.

    1. Re: Unbelievable

      According to my rememberance, Plantation Coffee House lies at the top of a hill

      I recall that it was right by a railroad tressel and Canal Dipped down to go beneath the railroad.

      So, if I’m right, there wasn’t a hill, it was more that there was an underpass right there that meant you had to turn around and then drive up to the coffeeshop.

  2. ah, sorry to hear about that

    you say Katrina was the big one people were predicting, and there has been a lot of flooding I gather (sorry I dont have cable TV and it has been 24 hours since I heard an update)–i know one levy broke–

    but still
    but still…

    as terrible as it is, it could have been worse, and a future one may be so

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