chop wood, carry water

Work is very soothing. I’ve found that when spend all day, every day in front of the computer, I get irritable and anxious. But, I fight “real” work because I’m lazy. I don’t want to get up. Still, I’ve bought an impossibly huge house with an impossible amount of work to be done. Often, I’m too overwhelmed to do anything. But, lately, I’ve gotten fed up and decided to do something. So, today at lunch, I went with Basil to the lumber yard, picked up some trim and a length of screen. Tonight, Ginger and I repaired the screen on the back door. It’s something that has needed repair for a while. When I finally did get around to repairing it, the satisfaction was great. This is kind of like the raised beds I made last fall for Alexis. We saw a short segment on PBS’s “Ask This Old House” about what to do with raised beds during the winter and, not having any but wanting to try it, I built them. It was awesome to watch the Rye Grass grow through the winter and, then, in the Spring, be rewarded with beautiful Tulips. Not only that, but likes it when I do things around the house (surprise, eh?) The ceiling in our laundry room was falling apart from old water damage. I’m working to repair it. None of these things will mean much to anyone else. The glory-hound in me won’t get any satisfaction. But, I’ll have a better home for my family. And I won’t be so irritable on the weekends.

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