What you’ve been missing

Any LiveJournal user (Alan) should now be able to comment here using the OpenID system. Just so you know. This works on all OpenWeblog sites. Soon any MovableType user or TypeKey user should be able to use this as well. WordPress, Druupal, Bugzilla components are all in the works. Brad does it again! Anyway, besides that little bit of technical arcana the only thing I have to share is my bike route this morning. At least I wanted to share it, but it looks like Google is borking the page. Hopefully I can get out and get some exercise every morning so I can maintain some stamina and reduce waistline-bloat.

2 thoughts on “What you’ve been missing”

    1. Thanks for trying. I would look for you on IM, but I’m guessing you usually aren’t on right now. Hrm…

      I’ll try to get with you later to figure it out.

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