Indiana in Google Maps

Indiana seems to be the first (largish) state in Google Maps that is completely mapped out.  Since I grew up in Wakarusa, IN, this is wonderful.  I can see the aerial view of the route I remember walking to school, and see how much (or how little) has changed since I last visited.

Speaking of Google Maps, Terah (of Forest of the Plains) might be interested in — though the title is a misnomer since it only has Kansas Bridges (with pictures!) at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Indiana in Google Maps”

  1. Re: Woo Hoo

    No problem, Nathan. It gave me an excuse to dive into the innards of LJ.

  2. I agree

    I agree to a point. I think that you are correct in your assertion that God is love. However, I don’t think that that should necessarily preclude using that as a fulcrum for a movement.

    I would guess that if you believe that we are supposed to love our neighbor, and you define neighbor in broad terms, things like “Saving Darfur” take on importance, and compel us to act.

    It is a slippery slope, and I understand your point. We have to be careful not to create a culture of crusade. However, you still have to act in light of the observation.


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