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Anytime a popular fantasy book is published, the critics come out of the woodwork.  The Harry Potter series is a one such target.  They’re mediocre books:  Easy (for me) to read, but not very compelling.

Still, some people get worked up about them because they contain “magic”.  Now, the magic in these books is little more than some sort of special technology.  “Wave your wand if you want your toast buttered.”  There are magical creatures, but they seem incidental.

In any case there is absolutly no spiritual aspect to the books at all.  Some people look at this and say “Oh no! I can’t find God!  These are evil books!”   Others (me) look at this and say “So?”

In any case my favorite review of the Harry Potter series is from (retired) Bishop Seraphim: Harry Potter books can’t suck enough!

3 thoughts on “Book Critics”

  1. Narnia temptation

    The Harry Potter books aren’t the only magical children’s books corrupting the minds of our youth. Why, I remember one very popular series that was full of magic. [Insert parallels between enchanted items and symbols of the occult here.] [Insert disturbing facts about rise of Satanism here.] [Imply they are related here.] And I’ve seen these very books in the homes of Christians! Yes, Christians… can you believe it?! The Narnia series.


    1. Re: Narnia temptation

      Another dangerous writer is Tolkein. Talk about magic! Why the Wizard Gandalf (a magical person!) is resurrected from the dead!

      If that isn’t anti-Christian, I don’t know what is.

      And, to think, that the Lord of the Rings is that much worse because it is actually good writing!

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