Dinosaurs vs Noah Hey! Not everything is on the Internet — for what’s left, check out your library. Don’t by a concert ticket someone else printed out. Power User Hall of Shame I can’t believe they’re selling a mug for $15, but I want one! Speaking of which, it seems that people are so willing to buy T-Shirts (and mugs) on the web, that it has turned into one of the easiest money makers for the small guy. The WSJ knows my perrinial interests: When will the housing market crash? What’s going on in North Korea? What to eat for breakfast to be in tip-top shape while working? Beans on toast! (Ok, an egg and toast would probably work, too…) Why My Blog is at LiveJournal — includes some reasons that I’m using the LiveJournal platform for OpenWeblog. What happens when the management for a charitable credit card goes AWOL? This blogging thing must really be taking off: Pennsylvania is using bloggers to attract tourists. “If there is ever a time for cussing, it’s when you are standing in baggage claim at 2am and you see one of your shoes alone on the carousel.” Biggest wave ever surfed: 70 ft Useful MySQL tidbits from my hacker heros.

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