Marriage, and another dump of links

While Dan thinks Marriage: A History might be interesting (as the review notes “Can marriage be saved?”), Julie Leung talks about what it takes to make a successful marriage: a good grasp on reality. Or, as I would put it, you’re both intimately acquainted with each other’s faults, but decide to love anyways. The book review hints that marriage (as a legal entity) may change or disappear and I’d say good riddance. It’s nice that marriage has legal recognition, but legal recognition does not a marriage make. At least, I don’t view marriage as just a convenient legal structure. But many people seem to. That, or they want government to “recognise” their commitment. I’m not sure I understand why people want that recognition from the government, or why our government should want to give it. Alexis and the kids have run through all the Little House on the Prarie books. I wonder if they’d be interested in some real pioneer stories? “It was 20 years ago today that I raised my right hand, swore to ‘Preserve, Protect, and Defend The Constitution of the United States’, and went into Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.” (with counterpoint) “Does the filesystem case make you feel less comfortable than the database case?” Well, you’re wrong, then! Emily Oster, the woman who’s baby talk inspired Narratives from the Crib has shown that the gender imbalance in Asia isn’t as bad as was previously thought. Fortune on the DIY economy. I guess this is like what the maker of Cajun-in-your-pocket did (self-marketing) going mainstream. Why do we trick, deceive, and lie to others? Because it works! Earthlink has an R&D department? They’re doing IPv6 on Linksys? Wow! I didn’t think I was supposed to take them seriously. (via)

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