“Why all the theatrics?” “I’m BENDING LIGHT!” —

Learn the ways of the Farm; Trust your Peelings

“Never, ever, ever buy bonds at retail from a full-service broker. Especially municipal bonds.” — Joel Spolsky

“One way to show this difference is to say that Debian is to Linux distributions as McDonalds is to hamburgers.” — Debian is Different

Every time I saw someone in my baby-ridden neighborhood struggling with a $300 car seat, I felt a smug satisfaction at understanding, thanks to Levitt, that car seats really don’t do much to keep kids safe. It’s having the kid in the back seat, rather than on your lap up front, that makes the big difference. The “extra” safety of the 19-point restraint system in the 80-pound carrier is, statistically speaking, nominal at best. It’s a rare joy to be able to out-smug the obsessive parents in the Strollerville section of Lincoln Park.

Outsmugging the Smug (via the Freakonomics Blog)

How Old Media Can Survive In a New World — from the Wall Street Journal

Coal Mining is for Beautiful People — from jwz

I could be totally off-base here, but what’s happening in Albuquerque Real Estate could also explain what is happening in New Orleans real estate (as well as elsewhere). Some Europeans (where the real estate bubble is even worse than in the states) are buying U.S. properties. Is it possible that arbitrage is feeding the bubble?

“Tags I say! Tags are the rightful home of the most hallowed Universals of noun-ness: from cars to coffee pots to chalk to cheese.” — The biggest shock to received wisdom since the irrational human acceptance of the 404

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