Don’t you have better things to do with your time?

“I think that the Congress has more important things to discuss,” — Michael Schiavo on government involvement in end-of-life decisions for his wife. “A fork to satisfy an ideology seems… well, there are better things to do, no?” — Louis Suarez-Pottz, Community Manager on rms‘s move to fork (OOo) because of its dependence on Java. When other people put a high priority on things that we consider important, but surely not that significant, we’re left puzzling over their decisions. Doesn’t Stallman see what a great thing OOo is? Can’t congress see that taking my brain-damaged wife off life-support should be my private decision? Even though most people thought that congress should keep out, even though most people aren’t committed to Free Software (most people still run Microsoft Windows), activists are still successfully bringing their issues to the public by redirecting attention to their cause. Twenty years ago, rms was a lone wacko who lived in MIT office space. Today, he’s a wacko who travels the world talking to free software converts and managing the FSF. He’s made a career of championing “forked” code for ideology. Mr. Suarez-Pottz seems to have missed that. In the same way, Michael Schiavo has pretty obviously missed how much so many people value “life” above all else.

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