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had a wireless card, but it didn’t work to well. She’d go up to our room (not more than 40 feet from the access point) and signal would die out. I had been playing with the idea of running conduit and wiring up the house with cat6. Then I came to my senses and bought a new router (the Linksys WRT54G which runs Linux) and some wireless cards. So, now the kids have my brother’s old desktop to play on and has a laptop that she can use to post to her openweblog account from our room. Usually when I buy something for the computer, complains that I’m wasting money. Not this time! She’s been writing up a storm and has posted some really good stuff including one post titled The Oldest Profession.

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  1. Linux ASP

    It runs Linux? That’s strange. I just bought one and I was surprised to see that it’s administrative web interface has .asp pages. Also, I don’t think Linksys has created Linux drivers for the corresponding 802.11g wireless cards.

    1. Yes, its linux

      It runs linux. You can install different firmware. Cringley has written about it as “disruptive technology“.

      And, while I’m surprised you don’t know about Apache ASP (ok, I’m not that surprised), you should realize that just naming a file .asp doesn’t mean anything.

      Finally, the driver issue. Because of the way Linux Torvalds and his fellow kernel hackers have decided (not) to enforce the GPL on the Linux kernel, people who do not want to distribute the source for their drivers are not compelled to do so.

      1. Re: Yes, its linux

        True, you could name a file .asp and have it run .jsp or .php, but why would you? Usually .asp means that both (1) they didn’t know how to use friendly URLs and (2) they use ASP.

        It sounds like Apache ASP is a way to make it easy for ASP programmers to move to Linux. But you still have to go to Perl from VBScript.

        1. Apache::ASP

          Another way to look at Apache::ASP is that it could be a little easier to sell to managment because it is “ASP”. Or your HTML flunkies who only know ASP can continue to do their work because you’ve been smart about seperating your VB/Perl code from your HTML/content. Or, maybe you just like the ASP way but want to use Perl.

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