Twenty Questions

Alan pointed out, a fun little AI that you can teach to recognise things. I tried it with “mutual fund”, one of the objects that it said “needed practice”. I’m not sure if I gave good answers (I told it you could wash it since I imagine the money could be laundered), but it didn’t guess. The fun part is the end where it tells you everything it has guessed about a mutal fund:

Would you give it as a gift? I say Yes. Does a basketball player use it? I say Probably. Can you control it? I say No. Is it found in a bathroom? I say Probably. Can it float? I say Probably. Does a hockey player use it? I say Yes. Do you use it at work? I say No. Can you use it 24 hours a day? I say Doubtful. Do you put things in it? I say Doubtful. Is it a body part? I say Probably. Does it have teeth? I say Probably. Is it a specific color? I say Yes. Does it spin? I say Yes. Does it eat fish? I say Yes. Does it have a face? I say Yes. Does it have a bushy tail? I say Yes.

I didn’t know that mutual funds ate fish.

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