Random Links and Some Scattered Thoughts

First, some non-geeky stuff: Missing my instruction manual W.H.A.L.E. or We Have A Little Emergency “I’ve seen company after company grow to the point where not only is evil permitted, it’s sanctioned. It’s like a Jekyll-and-Hyde metamorphosis of the business. It’s like a sickness that permeates every large corporation, from WorldCom to Hewlett Packard, which began by two guys who supported a non-evil workplace and turned it into a company where evil vibes are commonplace.” I spent a week at work moving the old table-and-javascript menu layout to CSS. I managed to reduce the complexity of the page and cut the download size by 10k, though it’s still much too big. Everything was great, till I learned that Firefox doesn’t automatically using new stylesheets and IE 5.2 on Mac OS hangs like a dog when it hits the site. The first is fairly easy to fix: rename the stylesheet. The second issue… Well, I’m considering serving up the old tables-and-javascript layout to IE on the Mac. What is CSS 2.1? Why IE7 won’t support CSS 2. 58% of users delete cookies monthly. Why electronic music won’t work the way the RIAA wants it to work — people aren’t going to stand for this sort of treatment. Open Source from Google. Nothing I can use right now, though. YAPC Registration open “Maintaining badly written code is like trying to solve a crossword puzzle set by someone who can’t spell.” Why I’m glad I don’t use a closed language like Visual Basic. Government sanctions and copyright law pushing Iran to the GPL and Linux

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