Too often, we’re over-zealous in our pursuit of our ideals. As I pointed out in this entry, developing a New Orleans mindset fights against this idealism. David Brooks of the NYT seems to agree:

Sometime over the past generation we became less likely to object to something because it is immoral and more likely to object to something because it is unhealthy or unsafe. So smoking is now a worse evil than six of the Ten Commandments, and the word “sinful” is most commonly associated with chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Over-Zealous”

  1. Good Editorial


    Thanks for the link to this editorial…I am always looking for ways to connect to sermons and this will work well for my sermon this sunday on Palm/Passion Sunday (basically about our denial of sin.)


    1. Re: Good Editorial


      While I’m thrilled that this will be useful for you, I’m flattered that
      you meandered by to check out my slow little website.

      Keep on truckin’!

      (I get to say that now since I work with truckers 😉

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