Being Daddy

Tim Bray has a “daddy moment”. I’ve got to admit that while I love my daddy moments, I don’t make enough of them. Or maybe they’re just really hard to come by. Anyway, doing “stuff” with your own children is a lot of fun and it is the sort of fun that encourages me to pry myself away from the laptop and spend time face-to-face with the child. This past weekend we wrapped my brother’s visit with two trips to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Taking a child or two exploring in this vast building was amazing. And it gave me some ideas for fun things we could do back home. But, as I said my brother visited. Originally, we intended to bike from Philly to my house. We would’ve taken two days on the 70 mile trip and then Nate would’ve returned to St Louis. Instead, Nate and I visited Middle Creek with the Ginger, Basil, and Violet. Not knowing what to expect, we were amazed by what looked like hundreds of thousands of snow geese flocking to the man-made lake. We’re saving the bike trip for when I visit him. We also managed a climb up a hill to visit millstone mysteriously plopped atop a hill. Most amusing: the four-year-old’s complaints of “hating” the hill. But she climbed the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “Being Daddy”

  1. Good for you

    Adding exercise to my hacker lifestyle has helped me a lot. It even helps me to be a better worker because my mind is clearer. Not to mention I no longer have high blood pressure, so that takes some stress off my mind as well.

    And while quitting smoking has been a catalyst for change for me, I don’t recommend anyone take it up 🙂 I have found that facing an addiction is a royal pain in the backside.

    I hope you get loads of enjoyment out of your bike and I am glad it’s finally fixed for you!

    Good luck to you! — Nathan

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