Buy the Purchase Protection Plan

If you are a klutz, like me, that is. A year ago, I bought a digital camera from BestBuy. Against my better judgement, I let the BestBuy salesguy upsell me the purchase protection plan. About six months later, the kids or I dropped the camera and broke the lens. BestBuy scared up a receipt (yay! for big corporations with centralized databases) and replaced the old Canon with a newer, higher-resolution Fuji FinePix. Now, six months later, the LCD on the camera is busted. This time I have all the receipts. BestBuy replaced the camera, but said if I wanted any more replacements, I’d have to buy a new protection plan. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.

One thought on “Buy the Purchase Protection Plan”

  1. Ain’t no lie

    Yep, the protection plan is usually a scam but in your case it’s the bomb!

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