Baby Pics

For those not in the know: Lily Tuyet (“Snow”), 2005Feb05 3:07pm, 7lbs 5oz, 19.5in Mother and daughter are recovering nicely. Alexis came home about 24 hours after the birth. I’m taking the week off so that I can help her take care of the kid. Violet and I went up to the BestBuy in Reading, PA this morning, arrived back just in time to pick up Basil from school, took those two to the drug store, “napped” for an hour, picked up Ginger, went to the Library, came home to eat, played “Sorry!”, and put them to bed. I expect the rest of the week will be similar: Letting Alexis stay at home with Lily and have a quiet day.

2 thoughts on “Baby Pics”

  1. this baby is just adorable. i’ve never seen a cute baby like that before good luck with everything

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