Victorian Life

Victorian life continues to facinate me. The filth and everyday danger and inconvenience of city life is absolutely amazing. (I’ve not had a chance to read accounts of country life, but I’m sure it was no better.) So, I was delighted to come across Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor. Till now, the accounts I’ve read have focused mostly on the middle class or upper class. Others have found facinating tales of photographer cheats and rat wrestlers but the better stuff are these prints of various occupations available to the poor, most of which seem to have something to do with cleaning up the street, the sewer, carting away dust and refuse, or scavaging for what others have lost or thrown out.

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  1. I too found Mayhews book fascinating, read the abridged edition and then the full four volumnes. I have worked in London, my son now lives there and works in victorian pub. London in all its forms will always make one want to find out more. read Underground London by Stephen Smith. brilliant, thanks.

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