Mena Trott and Brad Fitzpatrick on the LJ Acquisition

Brad Fitzpatrick (LiveJournal creator/owner) posts his thoughts on the 6A/LJ merger. From what he says and what Mena Trott writes about the merger, it looks like my instincts were right: Ben&Mena (and SixApart) are getting Brad’s technical skills, Brad (and LiveJournal) are getting the business and asthetic sense that Ben&Mena have. Mena writes that they wanted LiveJournal because of ” the infrastructure that LiveJournal knows how to build, the talent of Brad and his crew”. Brad says “I love technology and designing the LiveJournal architecture but I hate running a business. … Six Apart has a lot of staff that we don’t… marketing, designers, usability people, etc.” I expect only good things will happen for both LJ users and 6A users as a result.

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